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The multidisciplinary approach that characterises Rima’s technical and production departments guarantees high competence, on all types of products, acquired and consolidated over the years. We can make products from finished projects, or together help customers design new and perfect solutions for components in every sector. Siamo qualificati e attrezzati per progettare e testare i prodotti secondo gli standard specifici del mercato. Everything, always, with one rule: we only make safe products. At Rima we put all our efforts, every day, into being the first choice of builders. And to remain so for as long as possible.

Green economy

Rima designs and manufactures hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders and slewing rings for ecology and in particular for waste management, collection and handling machines, maintenance and street cleaning vehicles and equipment for renewable energy production.


Since its foundation, Rima has been developing and manufacturing hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders and slewing rings for the construction industry used on earth moving machines, concrete handling machines and demolition and lifting equipment.


Over the years, Rima has specialised in the design of parking Jacks, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders and slewing rings for logistics and in particular forklifts and equipment for industrial logistics, trailers and semi-trailers for goods transport and car transport, point-of-load lifts and loaders.

Lifting equipment

Rima has been working with manufacturers of lifting equipment for over thirty years. This has enabled it to specialise in the design and production of hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders and slewing rings for various types of aerial and telescopic platforms, truck cranes and forklift trucks.

Specific and tailor made components

Our Group has always created customised products, appreciated since the beginning for their practicality and performance over time.

Every day we work with our clients, advising, guiding and understanding their needs, to produce made-to-measure products and study tailor-made services for each of them.

Hydraulic sabilisers

Hydraulic Cylinders

Slewing rings

Are you looking for a custom designed product?

We have always differentiated ourselves for the very high customization in small and large lots

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Know how

Experience and expertise of our sales, technical and production teams.