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Green economy

In the last twenty years we have specialised in designing and manufacturing of components for green economy machinery and equipment.

We design and manufacture hydraulic stabilisers, hydraulic cylinders and slewing rings for waste management, collection and handling machines, for road maintenance and cleaning vehicles, for renewable energy production equipment

We produce hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic stabilisers specific for waste compactors, waste collection and management vehicles.

Waste compactors

We produce hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic stabilisers specific for road sweepers and vehicles for cleaning and maintenance of the road surface.


We produce hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic stabilisers and slewing rings for cranes and waste loaders.

Cranes and waste loaders

We produce hydraulic cylinders, parking jacks, hydraulic stabilisers and specific slewing rings for waste management systems.

Recycling and waste management

We produce turntables and specific slewing rings for solar trackers.

Solar trackers

We produce specific slewing rings for wind turbines.

Wind turbines

We produce specific slewing rings for wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment plants

Specific and tailor made components

Our Group has always created customised products, appreciated since the beginning for their practicality and performance over time.

Every day we work with our clients, advising, guiding and understanding their needs, to produce made-to-measure products and study tailor-made services for each of them.

Hydraulic sabilisers

Hydraulic Cylinders

Slewing rings

Corrosion resistance

On machines exposed to corrosive substances or particular climatic situations, we agree with customers on the application of specific additional treatments to better protect every detail of the component.

The painting processes are carried out internally and are subjected to in-process checks that verify the hue, hardness, thickness, gloss and adherence of the enamel to the product. Specific and destructive resistance checks are then performed, such as salt spray resistance which is tested on an internal test bench.


Surface treatments

Ergonomic and compact solutions

Design and production flexibility is the guiding key with which we work alongside customers in the sector to identify innovative and effective solutions.

The components intended for green economy machines are often positioned in very small areas and their overall dimensions must be minimised. Our product development technicians have the experience to propose solutions that optimize the overall dimensions by integrating with the other components of the equipment.

Product research and innovation

Product research has always been very important to us, because it allows us to feed our curiosity, our ingenuity and to learn new things every day.

For many years we have been designing components that can best integrate with the electronics of the equipment, to provide an increasingly complete product in synergy with our customers’ equipment and machinery.

We design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic stabilisers with internal braking systems to reduce the opening or closing speed of the cylinder.

Braking systems

We design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic stabilisers with inductive sensors to check the position of the stroke near the ends of the cylinder.

Inductive sensors

We design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic stabilisers with magnetostrictive sensors to allow the precise measurement of the stroke at all times.

Magnetostrictive sensors

We design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders with optical sensors to allow precise measurement of the stroke at all times. It is particularly recommended when it is not advisable to drill the stem to ensure greater resistance.

Optical sensors

Know how and production technologies

The enhancement and growth of each internal competence is one of the strategic pillars of the quality of our products and translates into a structured training plan at all levels of the company organization chart.

This happens in parallel with the continuous development and customization of the production plants which, combined with a deep engineering knowledge, allow us to build complex and extremely specific components with maximum reactivity and adaptability to the needs of the market.

Processes certification


Welding standards

UNI EN ISO 15607 | 15614

Welders standards

UNI EN ISO 9606 | 14732

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