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We have been designing and producing specific components for agricultural machinery and equipment since our beginnings in 1972.

We manufacture hydraulic and mechanical stabilisers, hydraulic cylinders, steel wheels, ballbearing turntables and slewing rings and steering drawbars for the major European agricultural machinery manufacturers.

We produce hydraulic cylinders, register levers, parking jacks and steel wheels for harrows


We produce hydraulic cylinders, parking jacks and hydraulic stabilisers for round balers.

Round balers

We produce hydraulic cylinders, ballbearing turntables, parking jacks and hydraulic stabilisers for trailers and dumpers.


We produce hydraulic cylinders, parking jacks and hydraulic stabilisers for front loaders.

Front loaders

We produce hydraulic stabilisers, parking jacks, geared crowns and specific ballbearings for the rotation of sprinklers and motor pumps.

Sprinklers and motor pumps.

We produce hydraulic cylinders, parking jacks and hydraulic stabilisers for mowers and weeding bars.

Mowers and weeding bars.

We produce hydraulic cylinders, ballbearing turntables, parking jacks and hydraulic stabilisers for dryers and ensilators.

Dryers and ensilators

We produce hydraulic cylinders, parking jacks and hydraulic stabilisers for bar trolleys for harvesters.

Bar trolleys for harvesters.

We produce register levers, parking jacks, steel wheels, hydraulic cylinders for all equipment for the soil working.

Soil working

We produce hydraulic cylinders, parking jacks and specific steering drawbars for sprayers and tankers.

Sprayers and tankers

We produce steel wheels and semi-pneumatic wheels for seed drills

Seed drills

Specific and tailor made components

Our work is not just technical. Every day we work with our clients, advising, guiding and understanding their needs, to produce made-to-measure products and study tailor-made services for each of them.

This is how we develop projects that can enrich our experience, drive us to research, study and learn about new areas in order to offer customised and highly specialised solutions in ever shorter timeframes.

Parking Jacks

Hydraulic cylinders

Ballbearing turntables

Steel wheels

Discover our products

More than 1.000 products catalogue. Mechanical parking jacks, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders, ballbearing turntables and slewing rings, iron wheels and steering drawbar. Our job is to help you to find the perfect match for your project. Or to design it together.

Manufactured to last.

Guaranteeing product quality has always meant guaranteeing perfect functionality in the longest possible time, even on intense and irregular work cycles.

The initial technical analysis and design phase, the control of each production phase and clearly the final testing of the product are decisive. All by observing, taking note and improving ourselves. A little more every day.



From the preliminary technical analysis to the definition of the logistical setting, our technical sales department is prepared to assist you in every phase of project development.



When the design is confirmed and approved, series production starts. Each step of the production process is in-house and its effectiveness and accuracy is tested step-by-step throughout the process.



At the end of each processing phase we carry out numerous in-process tests and functional and dimensional tests. Furthermore, each internal process is strictly guided by the main specific safety regulations.

Processes certification


Welding standards

UNI EN ISO 15607 | 15614

Welders standards

UNI EN ISO 9606 | 14732

Mother regulation


Safety standards

UNI EN ISO 12140 | 4254

Spare parts and aftermarket

More than 13.000 products catalogue. Towing eyes, tow hooks, leaf springs, axles and drive shafts, telescopic cylinders Everything you need for agriculture machinery, from braking systems to hydraulic motors, from telescopic cylinders to bumpers and lights.

Product research and innovation


Depth Control® is a system designed in 2016 for harrows that allows you to change the working depth automatically, by intervening on the rear support roller.

It is equipped with sensors that detect the length of the teeth and, based on consumption, transmit the data to a control unit governed directly by the operator on the tractor, which controls the hydraulic system that intervenes on the register levers and on the rear roller to keep constant the level of work.

The product was developed in co-design with one of our customers with the aim of maximizing efficiency in terms of working time and tooth wear.

Thanks to a hydraulic system equipped with sensors, the reading unit checks the correct working depth of the harrow's teeth in the ground and transmits the data to the control unit.

Tooth length reading unit

If the working depth of the teeth changes or is not optimal, the adjusting levers automatically adjust the position of the containment bars to adapt the working depth of the teeth.

Containment bar levelers

Governed directly from the display in the tractor cab, the hydraulic cylinders allow remote adjustment of the position of the rear roller to ensure an optimal and constant level of work.

Hydraulic cylinders with sensor

Are you looking for a custom designed product?

We have always differentiated ourselves for the very high customization in small and large lots

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