The products manufactured by Rima s.p.a benefit from years of consolidated technical experience ensuring top quality


All products manufactured by Gruppo RIMA are built following the rules of proper mechanics and manufacturing processes follow Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations. Welding procedures follow UNI EN ISO 15607 | 15614-1 regulations, and welders are qualified according to UNI EN 9606-1 | 14732 regulation.


GRUPPO RIMA uses only top quality materials that are perfectly weldable, purchased from qualified suppliers that supply material certification. Each supplier is required to have a Quality System certification in relation to materials used and manufacturing processes.

Quality control

Gruppo RIMA's manufacturing facilities have specific areas for quality control and product testing to ensure all products meet requirements. Non destructive testing (NDT) certification: UNI EN ISO 9712


RIMA Spa is qualified to deal with and support advanced purchasing and logistics systems such as 6 sigma, Lean Manufacturing with KANBAN and JIT specifications. The company also deals with Vendor Rating.