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Steering drawbars

The range of steering drawbars was born from our passion for product innovation and for mechanics applied to agriculture.

In 2006 we opened the drawbars division and developed 6 products over the years: the mechanical steering drawbar and its version with shock absorbers; the steering drawbar with hydraulic cylinder and its version with shock absorbers and the hydraulic steering drawbar and its version with shock absorbers, a product that was patented in 2018.

Hydraulic steering drawbar

The penultimate addition to Rima, this drawbar has revolutionised our range.

The passage from the road position to the field position is controlled by an oil control unit and performed by a hydraulic cylinder completely integrated in the tiller body in order to eliminate any external encumbrance and reduce volumes to a minimum.

It is equipped with a double-acting slam-shut valve, mechanical stop for road approval, Mother Regulation approved towing eye, rear rotation of the drawbar body and mechanical anti-rotation lock for road handling.

Timoni sterzanti idraulici RIMA: i componenti

Integrated cylinder

Cylinder fully integrated into the rudder body to eliminate any external encumbrance

Security lock

anti-rotation, to avoid movements of the external structure during use and consequent damage or impacts to the side arms.

Reinforced structure

The structure of the rudder and side arms has been reinforced in order to guarantee tightness even in the most extreme conditions

Road homologation

The drawbar is equipped with an eye approved for road traffic.

Mother regulation

The towing eye used complies with all the requirements of EU regulation 167/2013.

Certified processes

All production phases are internal and comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System.

Overall dimensions reduced to a minimum

The drawbar structure has been designed to minimize external dimensions and at the same time guarantee a solid and robust structure.

Models comparison

Steering drawbar with hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic steering drawbar

Steering drawbar
hydraulic with shock absorbing system

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