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Steel wheels

For over 50 years we have been manufacturing standard and customised steel wheels specifically for tillage, seeding, grass and hay processing machines.

In particular, the leading manufacturers of ploughs, harrows, seed drills, subsoilers, subsoilers, transplanters, hoeing machines, trenchers, inter-row cultivators, subsoilers and weeders rely on our products.

Uncompromising quality

Ruote in ferro Rima Spa caratteristiche standard

Our hub

Our weldings

Half wheel rimming

Half wheel rimming

A border is made on the half wheel profile to increase its capacity and impact resistance on the working ground.

Our weldings

Our welding processes are completed with the utmost care and precision using state of the art robotic welding technology.

Our hub

We can customise the hub length, bush, diameter and bearing type.

Standard hubs

With self-lubricating nylon bushings

With bearing hub

With assembled pin

Standard profiles

Each production phase of the iron wheels is managed internally, from design to painting and final inspection.

We manufacture wheels with internal rim, 2 or 3 base structures, and right angle, rounded, roller or crest profiles.

The external diameter of our standard wheels vary from a minimum of 150 to a maximum of 500 mm.

Right angled



Custom designed steel wheels

Our work is not just technical. Every day we collaborate with our customers, we give them advice and explore their needs in order to be able to make iron wheels and study tailor-made services for each of them.

It is possible to customizse the wheel hub in every detail, add customised pins or optionals, add reinforcing bands and define the surface treatment.

Excellent weldings

Steel wheels welding is managed internally, like any other production phase.

Welding is the heart of our production process and is organized in four distinct departments, each specialized in the processes managed internally, both for plants and for the skills of the welders.

90% of the welding processes are performed on latest generation robotic islands, which guarantee very high machining precision. We also have a team dedicated to MAG welding and TIG welding for the most delicate and complex processes, which require experience and special attention.

All weldings are performed by qualified operators UNI EN ISO 9606 and 14732 strictly following the UNI EN 15607 and 15614 standards.

Processes certification


Welding standards

UNI EN ISO 15607 | 15614

Welders standards

UNI EN ISO 9606 | 14732

Mother regulation


Safety standards

UNI EN ISO 12140 | 4254

Spare parts and aftermarket

More than 13.000 products catalogue. Towing eyes, tow hooks, leaf springs, axles and drive shafts, telescopic cylinders Everything you need for agriculture machinery, from braking systems to hydraulic motors, from telescopic cylinders to bumpers and lights.

Are you looking for a custom designed product?

We have always differentiated ourselves for the very high customization in small and large lots

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