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Sidewind jacks

There are infinite possibilities for customising a sidewind jack, starting from a standard model or from a new project.

The standard range consists of models with one or two gear reduction speeds, with one or two stages, with or without a Rima patented gearbox. All in different frameworks, heights and capacities to choose from.

Our standard features

Caratteristiche standard esterne degli appoggi meccanici con manovella laterale RimaCaratteristiche standard interne degli appoggi meccanici con manovella laterale Rima

Our standard range

410 Series

402 Series

400 Series

396 Series

CRIC Series

Optional and customisation

Design and production flexibility is the guiding key with which we work alongside customers in the sector to identify innovative and effective solutions.

We communicate with our customers daily, understanding their needs, and offering expert advice for tailor made solutions.

We are happy to participate in the early stages of product development or to pick up and expand on customer projects. We adapt to you and your needs.

Piedi di appoggio meccanici con manovella laterale - caratteristiche personalizzabili

Customisable features

  • Safety requirements
  • Compliance to industry standards
  • Testing
  • Working temperature
  • Traceability certificates
Phase 1
  • Gears reduction parameters
  • Lifting capacity
  • Grease features
  • Crank type and features
  • Knob type and features
Phase 2
  • Dimensions
  • Thickness
  • Steel type and features
  • Reinforcements
  • Anti-grip systems
Phase 3
  • Base type
  • Footplate size and thickness
  • Steel type and features
  • Articulation type
  • Compliance to industry standards
Phase 4
  • Tubes and mounting plates
  • Safety systems for cranks
  • Safety system for extension
  • Quick release system
  • Other accessories
Phase 5
  • Primer
  • Primer + enamel
  • Cataphoresis
  • Electrolitic galvanisation
  • Hot galvanising
Phase 6

Patented Gearbox ML-72

Available in cast aluminum or plastic polymers.

A monolithic body design guarantees waterproofing, gear protection and keeps the internal kinematic mechanisms in rigid and constant coupling.

Integral anti-seize bushings provide a perfect fit and smooth crank movement. The gearbox is fixed to a thick steel support plate that ensures stability and resistance to vertical loads.

Safety and ease to use

Product research has always been very important to us, because it allows us to feed our curiosity, our ingenuity and to learn new things every day.

For many years we have been designing components that can guarantee maximum safety and practicality, to provide an increasingly complete product and in synergy with our customers’ equipment and machinery.

A practical, safe and integrated system that allows the release of the drop tube through a practical spring handle.

SR System®

An internal and completely integrated safety system inside the body of the support which blocks the unthreading of the fall tube, preventing it from coming out.

ID System®

The Dual Speed system allows you to work with a fast gear to lower the jack to the ground, and a slower gear to lift load.
- No force required to keep gears properly coupled.
- No confusing counterclockwise whilst changing gears.

Dual speed system

Safety standards compliance

Upon request, jacks can be designed, manufactured and tested according to the safety standards, such as EN ISO 12140 and 4254.

Ma non solo. We have been manufacturing support feet for the agricultural, logistics, ecology, lifting, forestry and construction sectors for fifty years with an internal structure for design, manufacture and testing as per sectors’ safety standards

Rima Spa - piedi di appoggio meccanici con manovella laterale personalizzati conformi alle norme di sicurezza del settore

Know how and production technologies

The enhancement and growth of each internal competence is one of the strategic pillars of the quality of our products and translates into a structured training plan at all levels of the company organization chart.

This happens in parallel with the continuous development and customization of the production plants which, combined with a deep engineering knowledge, allow us to build complex and extremely specific components with maximum reactivity and adaptability to the needs of the market.

Are you looking for a custom designed product?

We have always differentiated ourselves for the very high customization in small and large lots