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Customised hydraulic cylinders

The multidisciplinary approach that characterises Rima’s technical and production departments guarantees the very high level of expertise on every type of hydraulic cylinder, acquired and consolidated over the years.

We specialise in designing and producing customised hydraulic cylinders. Sales, technical and production departments have been structured and equipped with flexible technologies to handle the analysis, research and production of new and specific projects every day based on customer demands and needs.

We can participate in the design of the cylinder from the beginning, or develop it from your own design. We adapt to you and your needs.

Endless possibilities

From defining dimensions, bore and stroke to specific safety requirements, material properties, working temperature, and need for traceability certificates, all design details can be defined to design and manufacture the cylinder exactly as you need it.

We usually evaluate and select raw materials and components based on the application, working temperature and general conditions of use of the cylinder. In all cases we use qualified and certified traceability steels. We purchase components, such as seals and safety valves, only from the largest and best manufacturers on the market to ensure maximum reliability and interchangeability. Each component is scrupulously checked at acceptance and throughout the production process.

During the design phase, we study the most suitable systems for anchoring the hydraulic cylinder to the application, designing customised systems that integrate optimally with the machine’s components and electronics. Every day we design hydraulic cylinders with oil inlet from the piston rod to optimise space and oil flow from the application to the piston.

For years we have been designing and developing specific hydraulic cylinders with:

  • Front and rear braking systems
  • Electronic devices, pressure sensors, linear sensors, sensors for monitoring stroke and rod position

Each of our cylinders is oil tested – up to 300 bar – and subjected to numerous measurement and performance tests throughout the standard production process. Depending on the application, safety requirements and conditions of use of the cylinder, it is possible to customise testing type and parameters, integrate cylinder checks and request specific tests and reports on cylinder performance.

Cylinders can of course also be customised in surface treatments.

Our in-house automated painting robot includes a 7-step degreasing and washing phase, primer base coat, RAL painting; thickness and gloss of which can be tailored to requirements.

We also supply galvanised hydraulic cylinders, entrusting the process to a specialised partner who carries out and verifies the treatment in accordance with the relevant standards and procedures.

Rima Spa analisi tecnica preliminare cilindri idraulici

Technical analysis

Technical analysis
Rima spa progettazione cilindri idraulici personalizzati


Rima Spa campionatura cilindri idraulici personalizzati


Rima Spa analisi tecnica e omologazione campionatura

Testing and inspection

Testing and inspection
Rima Spa produzione in serie cilindri idraulici customizzati


Rima Spa assistenza tecnica post vendita cilindri oledinamici



Technical preliminary analysis

The most important phase to fully understand criticalities and specific needs.

We routinely support customers in the preliminary analysis of all hydraulic cylinder design requirements, starting with the application and mapping all possible usage scenarios to identify the main technical criticalities.

cilindri idraulici oleodinamici personalizzati progettazione Rima Spa - analisi tecnica preliminare
cilindri oleodinamici idraulici personalizzati progettazione Rima Spa - analisi tecnica preliminare


In this phase, we proceed with the product conception and its specific features, we choose the most suitable raw materials and components, we develop 2D and 3D design, proceed when necessary with FEM analysis and perform virtual tests to identify critical points. At the end we draw up the bills of materials.


When necessary, we agree with customers on the cylinder sample and test its performance before mass production of the product.

Manufacturing of each new project is followed internally by a specific working group to ensure an organised, precise and accurate development.

cilindri oleodinamici idraulici personalizzati Rima Spa -
cilindri oleodinamici idraulici personalizzati Rima Spa -

Testing and inspection

Sample is tested and inspected to ensure performance and compliance with project requirements.

At the end of each processing step, we perform numerous in-process, functional and dimensional tests on the sample to verify its performance.

Each internal process is strictly guided by the safety regulations specific to the individual workings.

Batch manufacturing

When the design is confirmed and approved, serial production starts.

Our high degree of sensitivity and experience in customisation has led us over the years to structure our production departments with customised layouts, plants and technologies that maximise precision, constructive care and logistical agility of manufacturing complex and increasingly specific components.

Every step in the production process of customised cylinders is in-house, and their accuracy and effectiveness is tested step-by-step throughout the process.

cilindri oleodinamici idraulici personalizzati verniciatura robotizzata Rima Spa -
cilindri oleodinamici idraulici personalizzati Rima Spa - assistenza tecnica post vendita cilindri idraulici personalizzati Lavora con noi Rima posizioni aperte

Technical support

After-sales service is one of the phases we hold most dear and reflects the passion and commitment we put into every internal and external activity.

For more than 50 years, we have worked to build lasting relationships with customers and suppliers that provide a mutually beneficial and lasting exchange of expertise.

We have a team of sales technicians who are always available to our customers and who put a great deal of effort into responding, on a daily basis, to every customer request and requirement. Before and especially after the order has been processed.

Hydraulic cylinders type

Product research has always been very important to us, because it allows us to feed our curiosity, our ingenuity and to learn new things every day.

For many years, we have been designing hydraulic cylinders that can best integrate with equipment electronics, to provide an increasingly complete product in synergy with our customers’ equipment and machinery.

Discover some of the types of cylinders we can make, starting from your design or devising the product together with you.

Cilindri oleodinamici personalizzati con sensore induttivo Rima

Specialisation and expertise

Synergy is our strength. Interaction between mechanics and hydraulics, between innovation and experience, different sectors and skills allow us to create solutions for different markets.

From small gardening machinery to large construction machinery. We produce hydraulic cylinders for major manufacturers of machines for lifting, ecology and forestry services, construction and earthmoving, logistics and agriculture.

  • Lifting equipment

    Specific hydraulic cylinders for aerial platforms, spiders, lifting cranes
  • Green economy

    Hydraulic cylinders specifically for compactors, road sweepers, waste management and renewable energy.
  • Construction

    Hydraulic cylinders and stabilisers specifically for concrete pumps, concrete mixers, backhoe and skid steer loaders, excavators.
  • Logistics

    Specific hydraulic cylinders and stabilisers for lift units for forklift trucks, loading ramps, tailgates, car carriers and transport vehicles, snowploughs and salt spreaders
  • Agiculture

    Specific hydraulic cylinders and stabilisers for lift units for forklift trucks, loading ramps, tailgates, car carriers and transport vehicles, snowploughs and salt spreaders

Are you looking for a custom designed product?

We have always differentiated ourselves for the very high customization in small and large lots