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Hydraulic Cylinders

Since 1996, we have been designing and producing hydraulic cylinders and pistons for major manufacturers of aerial platforms and lifting equipment, logistics equipment, waste collection and handling machinery, earthmoving and agricultural machinery.

Every day we work together with our customers, give them advice and investigate their needs in order to create customised hydraulic cylinders and tailor services for each of them.

We can participate in the design of the cylinder from the beginning, or develop it from your own design. We adapt to you and your needs.

Technical features

Hydraulic tube


E355SR H8 (UNI EN 10305-1:2010)
E355SR H9 (UNI EN 10305-2:2010)


Ra 0,4μm (H8) – Ra 0,8μm (H9)


Min 25 mm / Max 160 mm

Chromed rod


C45 (UNI EN 10083-1)
20MnV6 – 42CrMo
AISI 304


Thickness: 25μm – 40μm
Hardness: 850-1000HV 0,1
Roughness: Ra < 0,2μm
Mist salt resistance: min 200 h rating 9 – up to 1000 – 1500 h available


Up to 5000 mm


A strict protocol of in-process testing and trials is carried out on Rima hydraulic cylinders:

  • In-process tests and measurements;
  • Air or oil testing (up to 300 bar);
  • Specific tests for durability and resistance;
  • Specific painting tests;
  • Salt mist resistant tests on materials;
  • Contamination level according to ISO 4406 certified up to NAS 7 (ISO 18/15/12)


Welding types:


Qualification of welding processes according to:

ISO15613, ISO15614, ISO15620

Qualification of welders according to:

ISO9606, ISO14732

NDT operators qualification:


Saline mist resistance

Saline mist resistance

Internal test bench test exceeding 200 hours Rating 9/8 (UNI EN ISO 10289)

Paint Resistance

Indoor test bench test in harsh environment (UNI EN ISO 9227)

Sensors and braking systems

For years we have been designing and developing specific hydraulic cylinders with:

  • Front and rear braking systems
  • Electronic devices, pressure sensors, linear sensors, sensors for monitoring stroke and rod position

Tests and special reports

  • On request, we perform special tests on hydraulic cylinders according to customer requirements
  • We develop on request 8D reports on the quality of hydraulic cylinders and PPAP

Specialisation and expertise

Synergy is our strength. Interaction between mechanics and hydraulics, between innovation and experience, different sectors and skills allow us to create solutions for different markets.

From small gardening machinery to large construction machinery. We produce hydraulic cylinders for major manufacturers of machines for agriculture, construction and earthmoving, ecology and forestry services, logistics and lifting.

  • Lifting equipment

    Specific hydraulic cylinders for aerial platforms, spiders, lifting cranes
  • Green economy

    Hydraulic cylinders specifically for compactors, road sweepers, waste management and renewable energy.
  • Construction

    Hydraulic cylinders and stabilisers specifically for concrete pumps, concrete mixers, backhoe and skid steer loaders, excavators.
  • Logistics

    Specific hydraulic cylinders and stabilisers for lift units for forklift trucks, loading ramps, tailgates, car carriers and transport vehicles, snowploughs and salt spreaders
  • Agiculture

    Specific hydraulic cylinders and stabilisers for lift units for forklift trucks, loading ramps, tailgates, car carriers and transport vehicles, snowploughs and salt spreaders

Hydraulic cylinders type

Standard hydraulic pistons

Single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders

Lightened hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders with sensor

Hydraulic cylinders with braking systems

Stabilising cylinders

Know how & expertise

Clean and robust design
Sealing security
100% in-house production
Permanent assistance

Caratteristiche progettuali

Dalla definizione delle dimensioni, dell’alesaggio e della corsa ai requisiti di sicurezza specifici, le proprietà dei materiali, la temperatura di lavoro, l’esigenza di certificati di tracciabilità è possibile definire tutti i dettagli progettuali per disegnare il cilindro esattamente come serve a voi.

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Know how and production technologies

The enhancement and growth of each internal competence is one of the strategic pillars of the quality of our products and translates into a structured training plan at all levels of the company organization chart.

This happens in parallel with the continuous development and customisation of our production facilities, which, combined with our in-depth knowledge of engineering, allows us to build complex and extremely specific hydraulic cylinders with maximum responsiveness and adaptability to market requirements.

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Cylinder washing

We consider cleanliness of components and finished hydraulic cylinders to be extremely important to ensure product quality, functionality and reliability over time.

Over the years we have in fact developed an increasingly structured washing department, where all hydraulic cylinders undergo at least two separate washing cycles during the production process: before welding and before assembly. On request or where the project or application requires it, the washing steps are increased and intensified along the process.

Excellent weldings

Hydraulic cylinders weldings processes are handled in-house, like every other production handled in-house, like every other production step.

Welding is the heart of our production process and is organized in four distinct departments, each specialized in the processes managed internally, both for plants and for the skills of the welders.

90% of the welding processes are performed on latest generation robotic islands, which guarantee very high machining precision. We also have a team dedicated to MAG welding and TIG welding for the most delicate and complex processes, which require experience and special attention.

All weldings are performed by qualified operators UNI EN ISO 9606 and 14732 strictly following the UNI EN 15607 and 15614 standards.

Are you looking for a custom designed product?

We have always differentiated ourselves for the very high customization in small and large lots