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Our products

Lifting, moving, turning.

Mechanical movement is present almost everywhere: and we are behind the design and production of components for stabilising, lifting, hydraulic movement and rotation of (almost) all machinery in industry and agriculture.

Rima’s product range is the result of combining expertise in mechanical and hydraulic engineering: by combining experience and technology we help you bring innovation to your projects.

We serve different markets, from hydraulic cylinders for lifting people to those for the agriculture machinery, from parking jacks for light towers to the hydraulic stabilisers for industrial trailers, from slewing rings for earth-moving machinery to ballbearing turntables for trailers, up to special and fully customised projects.

With more than 2500 products in our catalogue, we produce high-quality components of all sizes and scopes. Our job is to help you understand which one will best apply to your project.
Or think it with you.

Parking Jacks

Hydraulic Cylinders

Slewing rings

Ballbearing turntables

Steel wheels

Steering drawbars

Know how & expertise

Lifting equipment
Logistics equipment
Green economy machinery
Controction machinery
Agriculture machinery


The multidisciplinary approach that characterises Rima’s technical and production departments guarantees the very high level of expertise on every type of product, acquired and consolidated over the years.

Sales, technical and production departments have been structured and equipped with flexible technologies to handle the analysis, research and production of new and specific projects every day based on customer demands and needs.

We are happy to participate in the early stages of product development or to pick up and expand on customer projects. We adapt to you and your needs.

Know how and production technologies

The enhancement and growth of each internal competence is one of the strategic pillars of the quality of our products and translates into a structured training plan at all levels of the company organization chart.

This happens in parallel with the continuous development and customization of the production plants which, combined with a deep engineering knowledge, allow us to build complex and extremely specific components with maximum reactivity and adaptability to the needs of the market.

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Oriented in the range

Navigating the portal is really easy. Effective filters will help you find your way through our extensive catalogue and quickly obtain a comprehensive and customised product list that meets your needs.

Smart search

Do you know a code and not the name of one of our products? Or the other way around? The search bar in the Rima online catalogue is more flexible than ever. Our entire product catalogue is searchable in one click, whether you have a code or a name.

Data Sheets

Download the technical data sheet of the product you are interested in or put the product detail page among your favourites to find it easily, even at a later date.