Great Customer Service is at the heart of the Company philosophy and values.

Gruppo RIMA likes to identify the unique needs of its customers, by maintaining a close professional connection. This enables us to enhance our ability to meet their product and service requirements.
The technical departments of the group aim to offer products that satisfy all requirements including solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Gruppo RIMA’s widespread sales network nurtures customer relations and offers support from initial request to product delivery. What happens during the process is what counts, and we are there every step of the way offering prompt and competent advice to meet your requirements.


Thirty plus years of technical experience allow GRUPPO RIMA to identify challenges and requirements of each distinctive customer industry. GRUPPO RIMA’s companies are able to provide a high level of technical advice with customized solutions put forward by those with relevant technical expertise.


Solid relations with customers have advanced GRUPPO RIMA’s knowledge in various industries and applications. This expertise is made available to customers and contributes in finding solutions promoting market evolution with innovative products.


GRUPPO RIMA’S organization is solid on an international level which guarantees top quality products and services brought to you by highly skilled and qualified staff in all stages.

Ever changing

GRUPPO RIMA’S constant evolution in quality, product range, research and development distinguish the organization as flexible and able to satisfy market needs.

Continous Training And Team Work

The people employed by GRUPPO RIMA, are considered the number one asset. The training and appraisal of all staff are key factors that contribute to a thriving team work environment.


GRUPPO RIMA is dedicated to promoting health and safety in the workplace. The actions and efforts undertaken to achieve this show the attention and respect GRUPPO RIMA has for its employees.