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At Rima we put all our efforts, every day, to be the first choice of manufacturers. And to remain so for as long as possible.

We do this with our products, with our quality, with our determination to always find the best solution for the customer.

Indeed, our mission is to make it easier for customers to meet the challenges that arise during the development of highly specific machinery.

This translates into a sales team made up of technicians present on the territory and dedicated to specific customer areas of expertise; into a highly specialised design department that develops the product by simulating the specific stresses of each application; into production facilities equipped with flexible technologies and led by specialised and constantly updated technicians; and finally into customised logistical solutions and a permanent after-sales service.

Technical consultancy

We have been in the market for 50 years, we know the market and the major players well. Every day we work alongside our customers, giving them advice and all the support they need to find the most appropriate solution.

From product selection to assistance in designing specific solutions, designing new components and studying how to adapt designs to industry-specific safety standards.

Product research and selection

Our sales engineers are available to help you choose the best component for your application.

Defining customised solutions

Our technical staff supports customers' design teams on a daily basis to find the most effective and efficient solutions for the application.

Compliance with specific standards

We are prepared and structured to adapt components to the specific safety regulations of machines for agriculture, construction, ecology, logistics and lifting.


The type of steel, components, dimensions, capacities, type of welding, testing, surface treatment. The special processes required and the best accessories.

Our engineers are available to support your design department in the preliminary technical analysis and in identifying all details to create the most appropriate and effective customised solutions for your application.

We develop the 2D and 3D design of the customised product and each of its internal components and simulate application-specific stresses on each part of the product.


When necessary, we agree with customers on the sample and test its performance before mass production of the product.

Manufacturing of each new project is followed internally by a specific working group to ensure an organised, precise and accurate development.

Testing and inspection

Sample is tested and inspected to ensure performance and compliance with project requirements.

At the end of each processing step, we perform numerous in-process, functional and dimensional tests on the sample to verify its performance.

Each internal process is strictly guided by the safety regulations specific to the individual workings.

Batch manufacturing

We have combined our special hydraulic cylinders with the best hydraulic spare parts on the market:

When the design is confirmed and approved, serial production starts.

Our high degree of sensitivity and experience in customisation has led us over the years to structure our production departments with customised layouts, plants and technologies that maximise precision, constructive care and logistical agility of manufacturing complex and increasingly specific components.

Every step in the production process of customised cylinders is in-house, and their accuracy and effectiveness is tested step-by-step throughout the process.

Technical support

After-sales service is one of the phases we hold most dear and reflects the passion and commitment we put into every internal and external activity.

For more than 50 years, we have worked to build lasting relationships with customers and suppliers that provide a mutually beneficial and lasting exchange of expertise.

We have a team of sales technicians who are always available to our customers and who put a great deal of effort into responding, on a daily basis, to every customer request and requirement. Before and especially after the order has been processed.

Lifting, moving, turning.

Mechanical movement is present almost everywhere: and we are behind the design and production of components for stabilisation, lifting, hydraulic movement and rotation of (almost) all machinery in industry and agriculture.

Rima’s product range is the result of combining expertise in mechanical and hydraulic engineering: by combining experience and technology we help you bring innovation to your projects.

We serve different markets, from hydraulic cylinders for lifting people to those for the agricultural sector, from parking jacks for light towers to hydraulic stabilisers for industrial trailers, from slewing rings for earth moving equipment to ballbearing turntables for semi-trailers, through to special, fully customised designs.

With more than 2500 products in our catalogue, we produce high-quality components of all sizes and scopes. Our job is to help you understand which one will best apply to your project.
Or think it with you.

Parking Jacks

Hydraulic Cylinders

Slewing rings

Ballbearing turntables

Steel wheels

Steering drawbars

Specialisation and expertise

Synergy is our strength. Interaction between mechanics and hydraulics, between innovation and experience, different sectors and skills allow us to create solutions for different markets.

From small gardening machinery to large construction machinery. We produce ballbearing turntables and slewing rings for major manufacturers of machines for agriculture, construction and earthmoving, ecology and forestry services, logistics and lifting.

  • Agiculture

    Parking jacks, hydraulic stabilisers, hydraulic cylinders, ballbearing turntables, slewing rings, iron wheels, steering drawbars and a huge range of spare parts for trailers, loaders, sprinklers and motor pumps, round balers, harrows and seed drills, tractors, sprayers and tankers, silage harvesters and dryers, mixer wagons and many other agricultural equipment.
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  • Green economy

    We produce hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic stabilisers and slewing rings specifically for major manufacturers of waste compactors, street sweepers and municipal machines, waste management systems, water recycling and renewable energy production.
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  • Construction

    Slewing rings, hydraulic stabilisers and hydraulic cylinders specifically for excavators, concrete pumps, concrete mixers, backhoe and skid steer loaders, cranes.
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  • Logistics

    Slewing rings, ballbearing turntables, parking jacks and hydraulic cylinders, specifically for trailers and semi-trailers, lift units for forklift trucks, loading ramps, tailgates, car carriers and transport vehicles, snowploughs and salt spreaders
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  • Lifting equipment

    Lifting cylinders, adjustment cylinders, stabilising cylinders, hydraulic stabilisers, slew drives and slewing rings specifically for aerial platforms, spiders, lifting cranes.
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  • Agicoltura

    Cilindri oleodinamici e stabilizzatori specifici per gruppi di sollevamento per carrelli elevatori, rampe di carico, sponde, bisarche e veicoli di trasporto, veicoli spazzaneve e spargisale
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  • Ecologia

    Cilindri oleodinamici specifici per compattatori, spazzatrici stradali, gestione rifiuti ed energie rinnovabili.
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  • Edilizia

    Cuscinetti di base, stabilizzatori idraulici e cilindri oleodinamici specifici per escavatori, pompe per calcestruzzo, betoniere, retropale e minipale, gru.
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  • Logistica

    Ralle a sfera, Cuscinetti di base, Piedi di appoggio e cilindri oleodinamici, specifici per rimorchi e semi rimorchi, gruppi di sollevamento per carrelli elevatori, rampe di carico, sponde, bisarche e veicoli di trasporto, veicoli spazzaneve e spargisale
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  • Sollevamento

    Cilindri e sfili di sollevamento, cilindri di regolazione, cilindri stabilizzatori, stabilizzatori idraulici, tavole girevoli e cuscinetti di base specifici per piattaforme aeree, ragni, gru di sollevamento
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Know how and production technologies

The enhancement and growth of each internal competence is one of the strategic pillars of the quality of our products and translates into a structured training plan at all levels of the company organization chart.

This happens in parallel with the continuous development and customization of the production plants which, combined with a deep engineering knowledge, allow us to build complex and extremely specific components with maximum reactivity and adaptability to the needs of the market.

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Download the technical data sheet of the product you are interested in or put the product detail page among your favourites to find it easily, even at a later date.

Are you looking for a custom designed product?

We have always differentiated ourselves for the very high customization in small and large lots