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What will happen once you submit your CV? The CVs received are reviewed daily by our HR department.

There are two paths your CV can take:

  1. If there is a match between your skills and experience and the open positions in the company, you will be contacted to arrange a cognitive interview with the human resources department and thus enter the first phase of the selection process.
  2. If at the time your CV is received there are no matches with open positions in the company, your CV will be archived for a period of two years and will be consulted as soon as a suitable position opens up. After two years, the CV will be deleted from our databases to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Please fill in the form below with your details and attach your CV and any covering letter or documentation useful for assessing your profile.

You can only upload files in DOC, DOCX, JPEG or PDF format (max. 3 MB).

Fast and dynamic environment
International presence
Positive and stimulating climate
Constantly developing company

What it means to be part of the Rima Group?

Working with us means joining a company with Italian roots, a history that looks to the future since 1972 and a strong international vocation.

It means getting involved in a positive and stimulating working environment, where every new idea has room for expression and development.

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