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Our efforts to have a positive impact start with the knowledge that we have to improve.

Each day a little more.

Our production is based on steel, a sustainable material by its very nature. We use components, striving to choose those that give our products the longest life cycle.

la nostra storia Rima chi siamo

We use energy: we do so wisely and from as clean and renewable resources as possible.

We do all this alongside our people, encouraging every talent to be developed and taking care of every space to provide a positive, comfortable working environment that allows everyone to work safely.



Local community


Sustainability and energy saving

Rima’s journey towards environmental sustainability began in 2008, a very important year, both in terms of economic results and management choices that led to a new and very important change of pace in the following years.

It was in that year, in fact, that the decision was made to decisively invest in sustainability and energy saving.

This led in the following years to the installation of a large photovoltaic system, now extended to the new warehouses and satisfying over 50% of the company’s energy needs, the replacement of all lighting systems with LED lamps, and the renewal of the heating system with efficient, low-energy solutions.

Structured waste management

Since 2001

Photovoltaic system

Since 2010

LED lighting system

Since 2015

Low-energy heating system

Since 2016


Our corporate culture focuses on people, their skills, their growth and safety, and their rights.

A safe workplace

Putting people at the core means first and foremost offering a safe workplace.

Safety and tidiness have always been internal priorities and cornerstones of the quality policy and are reflected in a structured safety plan that provides for:

  • A regular assessment of dangers, risks, accidents and incidents, to define continuous and specific improvement actions
  • A daily commitment to the spreading of specific instructions aimed at reducing accidents to a minimum
  • The maintenance of a program to monitor and encourage the application of internal safety regulations, laws and provisions by assigning specific responsibilities to all management levels.

A tidy, clean, comfortable, caring place.

At Rima, space organisation has always been based on the certainty that working with care and quality means working in tidiness and comfort.

Over the years, this concept has been implemented in an increasingly structured and comprehensive manner, embracing the wellbeing of the worker at 360 degrees: from the guarantee of a correct temperature in all company premises and throughout the year, to the provision of a correct ratio between natural and artificial light, and where proper ventilation and a healthy environment in general is guaranteed.

In 2018 year, we also seriously structured our corporate welfare system by bringing its management onto an integrated digital platform and dedicating internal resources to its development and internal communication for its proper use.

Local community

School and universities

The competence and experience of each person employed by the company is our most valuable asset.

For years we have had a structured continuous training plan aimed at professional growth, the development of new skills and the enhancement of personal talent.

For us, nurturing the quality of the company’s skills also means nurturing relationships with institutions, research institutes and universities: knowledge is a continuous exchange, to be fostered by interfacing with training and professional environments that allow the Group to make its experience available to students while maintaining a dynamic and stimulating work environment within the company.

Every year we participate in training projects with local schools, technical institutes and universities, and we host many trainees and students to carry out alternating school-work schemes.


Maintaining and strengthening relations with institutional bodies such as universities, standardisation bodies, trade associations, etc. in order to keep abreast of the market, seize opportunities and reduce risks related to the external environment

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