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Quality management

For us, quality means creating strong and lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and internal collaborators, with the aim of ensuring consistency and continuous operational improvement.

This translates into the execution of rigorous product and process tests that verify the design and construction care of our products, the provision of constant and reliable service, the management of organised and monitored business processes that comply with certification standards, the care of the skills of each person employed in the company, and the continuous research for product and process innovations.

Product testing and inspection

The quality of each production step is verified throughout the entire product development process, from design to the final product:

Tests in process

Tests at the end of each production stage

Functional tests

Functional and load tests on finished products

Endurance tests

Specific endurance and strength tests

Tests on materials

Testing of materials for corrosion resistance

Custom tests

for specific homologations and conformities

Surface treatment tests

On machines exposed to corrosive substances or special climatic situations, we agree with customers on the application of specific treatments to best protect every detail of the product.

The painting processes are subjected to in-process checks that verify the shade, hardness, thickness, gloss and enamel adherence to the product. Specific and destructive resistance tests are then carried out, such as salt spray resistance, which is tested on an in-house test bench.

Salt mist

Standards and certifications

All GRUPPO RIMA companies are ISO 9001 certified.

The mechanical and hydraulic characteristics of all RIMA products and the processing steps carried out for their manufacture and testing are certified and qualified according to UNI EN ISO standards.

Research and Development

Over the years, the company’s research and development has brought major innovations and product improvements in terms of safety, quality and integration with machine electronics.

It is a central, daily activity structured on three levels:

We have filed over 10 patents in recent years, some of them winners of industry innovation competitions.

Sistema Depth Control orginale Rima per la regolazione automatica della profondità di lavorazione del terreno

Quality Policy

Examine, analyse, improve.

Improving and making processes more efficient are the core value of RIMA’s business strategy Targets are defined and shared during management review meetings and are summarised in 7 points.

Specialisation and experience

Synergy is our strength. Synergy between mechanics and hydraulics, between innovation and experience, between requirements from different sectors and between different skills that in synergy can give new and perfect solutions for components in every sector.

From small gardening machinery to large construction machinery. We produce ball slewing rings and base bearings for major manufacturers of machinery for agriculture, construction and earthmoving, ecology and forestry services, logistics and lifting.

  • Agiculture

    Parking jacks, hydraulic stabilisers, hydraulic cylinders, ballbearing turntables, slewing rings, iron wheels, steering drawbars and a huge range of spare parts for trailers, loaders, sprinklers and motor pumps, round balers, harrows and seed drills, tractors, sprayers and tankers, silage harvesters and dryers, mixer wagons and many other agricultural equipment.
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  • Green economy

    We produce hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic stabilisers and slewing rings specifically for major manufacturers of waste compactors, street sweepers and municipal machines, waste management systems, water recycling and renewable energy production.
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  • Construction

    Slewing rings, hydraulic stabilisers and hydraulic cylinders specifically for excavators, concrete pumps, concrete mixers, backhoe and skid steer loaders, cranes.
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  • Logistics

    Slewing rings, ballbearing turntables, parking jacks and hydraulic cylinders, specifically for trailers and semi-trailers, lift units for forklift trucks, loading ramps, tailgates, car carriers and transport vehicles, snowploughs and salt spreaders
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  • Lifting equipment

    Lifting cylinders, adjustment cylinders, stabilising cylinders, hydraulic stabilisers, slew drives and slewing rings specifically for aerial platforms, spiders, lifting cranes.
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  • Agicoltura

    Cilindri oleodinamici e stabilizzatori specifici per gruppi di sollevamento per carrelli elevatori, rampe di carico, sponde, bisarche e veicoli di trasporto, veicoli spazzaneve e spargisale
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  • Ecologia

    Cilindri oleodinamici specifici per compattatori, spazzatrici stradali, gestione rifiuti ed energie rinnovabili.
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  • Edilizia

    Cuscinetti di base, stabilizzatori idraulici e cilindri oleodinamici specifici per escavatori, pompe per calcestruzzo, betoniere, retropale e minipale, gru.
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  • Logistica

    Ralle a sfera, Cuscinetti di base, Piedi di appoggio e cilindri oleodinamici, specifici per rimorchi e semi rimorchi, gruppi di sollevamento per carrelli elevatori, rampe di carico, sponde, bisarche e veicoli di trasporto, veicoli spazzaneve e spargisale
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  • Sollevamento

    Cilindri e sfili di sollevamento, cilindri di regolazione, cilindri stabilizzatori, stabilizzatori idraulici, tavole girevoli e cuscinetti di base specifici per piattaforme aeree, ragni, gru di sollevamento
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